The Art of Movement with G. HOFFMAN SOTO in Dornbirn 2019



This seminar is an experienced based study of the Art of Movement designed to cultivate a kinesthetic vocabulary and how this feeds and informs our movement and dance. The objective is to enhance our Somatic presence and support our creativity and movement work, and explore if and how this can translate into our daily lives.

HoffmanSotohas spent his adult life in the study, practice, performance and teaching of the Movement Arts. Unfolding through dance, martial arts, Somatic movement, and hands on work, Soto’s 50 years of experience has led him to see movement as a vehicle to unlock the possibilities to creativity, awareness, presence, happiness, health and healing. Soto’s biggest influence in his work has been his 45 years of collaboration with Anna Halprin. For the past 38 years Soto has been blessed to share his perspective in 20 countries.

4 days  10:00 – 16:00 Uhr     Annagasse 5     Dornbirn

Course fees: 333€

Contact & Registration:    Verena Wohlrab     0650 / 42 42 613

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